Our Services


We provide professional appliance repair and services for home and businesses

We service all makes and models of major home appliances.  From the old plain  jane refrigerators to the state of the art smart appliances, we have you covered.

Washing machine not working?  Don’t break out the washboard just yet.  Give “Appliance Repair Service” a call and we will send a skilled “PlusOne” background screened technician to help you get back up and running.

Refrigerators & Freezers

We can keep your old models running.  Newer type refrigerators have their problems also and are usually covered under warranty.

Washing Machines

Don’t pull out the washboard just yet.  We service many types of washing machines.  Got a Samsung with a problem?  We service those under warranty.

Clothes Dryers

There’s nothing like the smell of clean clothes dried on a clothes line outside.  However, this can take a lot of time so we know you need your dryer.

Microwave Ovens

Microwaves can save us a lot of time.  We can help fix broken microwaves at a price lower than a new one.


We love our dishwashers.  We service all makes and models.

Ovens, Ranges & Stoves

We repair all types of stoves and ovens.  From big to small we can fix them all.

Sink Disposal Units

Many of these get stuck or have burned out motors.  We can fix those issues and fix any leaks that come from worn and improper installations.

Window & Portable Air Conditioners

These Texas summers can be rough and we know how important it is to have your units running in tip top shape.  Let us give you that cool breeze again.

Many Other Appliances

The list goes on.  Give Appliance Repair Service a call and see what we can do for you.

Gas & Electric Dryers

Laundry room appliances take a beating and we understand this.  If you need that unit up and running again or just want some preventative maintenance give Appliance Repair Service a call.

Many dryer problems are due to clogged or restricted exhaust ducts.  We can service the duct from the wall to the roof ensuring your dryer keeps running safely and efficiently.

Washing Machines

The old agitator type of washing machines are work horses that stand the test of time and meet our daily demands effortlessly.

The new H.E. (high efficiency) units use the pulsator type of agitating and are completely different from the old style.  These H.E.  washers do a great job as long as you follow the manufacturers maintenance recommendations.

The more detergent the better right?  Nope!  With H.E.’s using very little detergent (about a table spoon) gives amazing results and helps keep the units running smoothly.

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